Islamic Cot Mobile – Arabic Alphabet Cubes

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Allah is the creator
Testify to one Allah
After Isha we can sleep
Give give due zakaat
The night is a gift
Bedtime has come slumber slumber
Bedtime bedtime Bismillah
Tired muslims
Rest my small habibty
Peace baby peace
Insha’Allah baby
Hush now Habibty
Allahs night

Juzz Amma
Zain Bikha Nasheeds
Kamaluddin Nasheeds
Durood Shareef
Sleep Du’a


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At a Glance

Soothe your baby to sleep with the lovely Arabic Alphabet cot mobile. The mobile attaches to your baby’s cot and features a state of the art memory card musical box that plays Islamic lullabies & Qur’an. As the lullabies play, the mobile slowly rotates to make the soft toys gently sway as your little one drifts off to sleep. The mobile with it’s beautiful canopy coordinates with the Arabic alphabet cubes. The Arabic alphabet cubes are detachable which allow you to re-use for educational purposes as the child develops & grows older.

Product includes:

  • Cot arm
  • Cot mobile pre-loaded with islamic lullabies, Quran & prayers
  • Plush cube set
  • USB cable to update memory card

Features and benefits

  • Suitable from birth till 6 years of age
  • Musical box which plays non-instrumental islamic lullabies, Qur’an & bed time prayers by children
  • White noise background on lullabies
  •  Arabic alphabet cubes hang from the mobile and will rotate slowly
  • Attaches easily to the cot side
  • Soothing and calming for bedtime
  • Soft detachable cubes, Multi-use
  • Detachable cubes rattle & squeak
  • 0-1y: Cot mobile 1-2y: Toy 2-6y: Educational soft blocks
  • Fabric composition: Velvet, plastic
  • Filing: PP Cotton
  • CE certified
  • Weight: 200g
  • Machine washable

This cot mobile may not fit all cot designs. The Lullabies on the cot mobile contain white noise. Follow us on our social media platforms & check out our blog to show your support. Help us make a wordwide impact. Blog: Instagram: Facebook: Twitter: PATENT PENDING


Additional information

Weight 1100 g
Dimensions 32.5 × 10.5 × 36 cm

8 reviews for Islamic Cot Mobile – Arabic Alphabet Cubes

  1. Mariam

    To whom it may concern.
    I wanted to share my story with you. I am from South Africa and was recently gifted an Islamic baby cot mobile for my now almost 5 month old baby boy, Ibraheem. I have been following your page on Instagram since I was pregnant and planned on buying the cot mobile so I was extremely glad when I received it as a gift. Unfortunately it could not attach to Ibraheem’s bassinet so I affixed it to his rocker, which is stationed in our lounge at home. Ibraheem absolutely loves it! He is transfixed by the rotating colourful cubes and the soothing lullabies and surahs. As he used it daily and the soothing sounds penetrated our home, I didn’t realise my non-Muslim domestic worker was also listening.
    One day I found her singing along to the lullabies as well as Surah Kaafiroon! Amazed, I asked her if she knew what she was “singing” and then went on to explain to her that it’s from the Qur’an. A few days later she was reciting the ta’awuz and tasmiyah and then she told me she’s always been fascinated by Islam and the Muslims in her hometown (far away from mine) always appeared “happy”. And she said she wants to become a Muslim! I was so thrilled to hear that so I asked her what else she knew about Islam. She didn’t know too much and since English is not her first language (Zulu is her first language), I gave her one of my older son’s books about the basics of Islam, which she sat up until 11pm to read that very night. Last Thursday night, she took her shahaadah! Alhumdullilah. She is now attending evening lessons at the madressah near my home to learn more about Islam.
    Never did I ever imagine that a baby cot mobile would play a role in someone taking the shahaadah! Shukran for creating such a wonderful product!

  2. Samiyah

    Alhamdulillah the best product by far with the best service by far.

  3. Asma

    From start to finish amazing experience, would definitely buy again. They were very happy with the gift.

  4. Sharmeen

    Overall amazing product, I wish there was more content

  5. Musa

    Masha’Allah amazing product

  6. Mahmood Seedat

    perfect product

  7. Wasim J

    Masha’Allah the reciter beautiful voice. The product is really high quality & VERY COLOURFUL, perfect for a baby to start seeing new colours. Very beneficial, see the amazing products coming.

  8. Musa

    alhamdulillah the best thing I have purchased in a long time

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