Flexible Baby Arm Mobile Phone & Tablet Holder Clip

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Tired of holding your mobile phone for your baby? Trying to feed the baby while keeping them entertained just got easier with this product.

This desktop phone and tablet mount is perfect for holding up your phone in any position you want it. Put this on your desk or bedside, it’s perfect for either case. You no longer need to hold up your phone. It fits 3.5-6 inch screens which is a wide range of phone and tablet capabilities.

It does exactly what you see, you can attach it to the pram, attach it to the cot, attach it to dinner table, you can attach it to almost anything you want even the walker or the bouncer.

This phone holder suits universal phones with the phone clamp opening up to 5.59 inches. The phone clamp is pivoted on a ball head that can swivel 360 degrees for better viewing, and the foam padding attached on the underside prevents the phone from slip and surface scratches. The base clamp opens up to 2.36 inches which means you can clip it to multiple places such as bedside night stand, kitchen table, kitchen countertop, living room table, top of TV. The soft padding on the underside helps the base clamp stay put & avoid scratches.

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Weight 1100 g
Dimensions 32.5 × 10.5 × 36 cm

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