House Renovation Project.


Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarkatuhu, I pray you’re well & in the best of health & imaan. I pray you’ve all had a great ramadhan & eid.

As part of mini muslims we have taken a house renovation project in the West Bank of Palestine. The issue I have is that I can’t complete the project without the help of the local community, I would appreciate your help with this project, as a Muslim community we should love for our brothers & sisters what we love for ourselves.

A family of 7 Palestinians. Mother, Father (Disabled), 2 sons (Disabled), 3 daughters two are married & the third has a mental disability so no one will marry her. The whole family live in a apartment building with no real income at all, the mother is the only one who isn’t disabled & she tries to do as much as she can.

I regularly visit this family to see how they’re doing & this year I promised to renovate their house so it’s safe & healthy for the disabled family members & children to live in. One of the daughters is bringing up their baby in this house & honestly no one should have to live like this.

We should say Alhamdulillah for the conditions we live in & for the blessings Allah subhanahu wata’ala has given us.

The first part of the project has already been completed, we changed the way their electrics were wired due to it wasn’t safe at all before & everytime they used to use the electrics. When I first walked in I remember they had burns on their walls which made me change the way their electrics are. You have to understand that because of the dangers in this apartment it could potentially affect those neighbours who live above & below, so we’re not talking about just one family we’re talking about a whole apartment block. Do we want a repeat of Grenfell tower but in the West Bank?

The second stage of the project is the renovation of the bathroom which will cost approximately £6,000 which includes materials & labour. The reason why it costs a lot is because the house is located in the West Bank & due to the blockade materials costs & equipment is a lot, my aim is to take uk tradesmen who will do the labour absolutely free but I need help in covering the costs of the tradesmen who will be travelling with me & the costs of the materials.

1. We need to take everything out,
2. Re-tile the whole bathroom & the floor, change the the bath, sink, toilet & the taps.
3. Need to work on the water system to make it better (The people of the West Bank only get 10 to 15 days of water per month)
4. But tools from there to carry the job out
5. Add electrics to the bathroom so it gives the family lighting.
6. Window & ventilation system need replacing too.
7. We will try attaching a rail for the family members who are disabled
8. Shower system so that those who cannot use the bath can use a shower.

7 people share this bathroom & it’s really not ideal for the disabled members in the family.

If you look at the light you can see signs of burning due to the way their previous electrics were. This whole room needs to be renovated & the cost will be approximately £5,000 due to it needs to be fully tiled, plastered & decorated.

The family doesn’t have any beds. Before it’s bed time they just put their mattresses out & sleep on them. No blankets or pillows. Mattress on the floor & sleep. No storage facilities to put their clothes away. Plan
Is to get some beds, decorate this room & make some storage facilities in this room inshaAllah. This whole room needs a decorate. There are also smashed & cracked windows.

This is another room where the beds will go in. Build some storage facilities in this room
Too. Windows also need replacing due to drafts, smashes & cracks. We also need to find a way on how we will split the males from the females so they have enough privacy in the house.

Finally the kitchen, needs to be fully renovated & that the electrics need to be sorted so they are safe. As you can see there’s wires everywhere. Especially that their are children living in the house. Some of the families children stay in hospital due to the property just isn’t safe for them.

We need your help to raise awareness & a donation would be appreciated so that we can help this family & try to get them in a position where they don’t have to constantly worry, at this moment in time the mother has given up due to no assistance whatsoever.

Will you help?
Can you help?
Would you live in this condition?

May Allah make it easy for us all & grant us the ability to help. Ameen.

Please forward & help us with this project. Together we can change the world but on our own we are weak. Full project updates will be provided. Locals have estimated the full project may cost up to £20,000 & that’s with the labourers I will be taking from the uk. It may be less or even more but this is the approximate costs.

Charity doesn’t decrease wealth, it increases wealth.


Please share, sharing doesn’t cost a penny.

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