Hajj proceedings step by step

The pilgrimage of Hajj contains many steps and rituals and each step has many sub steps, restrictions and requirements within it. With that being said, many Muslims find Hajj and all the steps it entails to be a bit overwhelming. This is particularly true for people who are performing Hajj for the first time.

We thought it would be a great idea to outline all the rituals in chronological order so as to not only help Muslims familiarise themselves with the voyage but also to give our non-Muslim readers a firm understanding of the Hajj proceedings and what pilgrims go through when they embark on Hajj. Below we outline a quick overview of the Hajj Process.

Soon after landing in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, usually in the city of Jeddah or Madina, the pilgrims start off with their Hajj campaign by dressing themselves in Ehraam and performing the following.

Arrival In Mecca – Pilgrims begin their pilgrimage by circling the Ka’aba seven times thereby performing Tawaf.
Stay at Mina – Next, they journey to Mina where they stay the night and spend their time in prayer or reciting the Quran.
Onward to Mount Arafat – Pilgrims head to the mountains on Arafat where they stay from noon to dusk. This is the place where Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) gave his last sermon to his followers.
Gathering Rocks At Muzdalfah – From Arafat, Muslims turn around and head to Mina but before that they stop at Muzdalafah, where they pick up 49 rocks to perform the stoning ritual at the Jamaraat.
Stoning the Devil At Jamaraat – Arriving in Mina, Muslims perform the stoning ritual by throwing the 49 rocks at the 3 pillars that denote the devil. After which starts the Eid-ul-Adha festival.
Return to Mecca – Before heading home, Muslims visit the Holy Ka’aba once more where they perform Tawaf Al-Wida to conclude their Hajj.

The above mentioned outline accurately depicts how a Hajj voyage proceeds once pilgrims land in Saudi Arabia.
Allah Subhanahu Wata’ala give all Muslims the opportunity to perform Hajj in this lifetime Inshallah. We, at MiniMuslims, would like to wish all Muslims currently on the pilgrimage of Hajj a safe and spiritual Hajj and a swift journey home. (Tips by MuslimAid)