He guides whome he wills – Customer Feedback


To whom it may concern.

I wanted to share my story with you. I am from South Africa and was recently gifted an Islamic baby cot mobile for my now almost 5 month old baby boy, Ibraheem. I have been following your page on Instagram since I was pregnant and planned on buying the cot mobile so I was extremely glad when I received it as a gift. Unfortunately it could not attach to Ibraheem’s bassinet so I affixed it to his rocker, which is stationed in our lounge at home. Ibraheem absolutely loves it! He is transfixed by the rotating colourful cubes and the soothing lullabies and surahs. As he used it daily and the soothing sounds penetrated our home, I didn’t realise my non-Muslim domestic worker was also listening.

One day I found her singing along to the lullabies as well as Surah Kaafiroon! Amazed, I asked her if she knew what she was “singing” and then went on to explain to her that it’s from the Qur’an. A few days later she was reciting the ta’awuz and tasmiyah and then she told me she’s always been fascinated by Islam and the Muslims in her hometown (far away from mine) always appeared “happy”. And she said she wants to become a Muslim! I was so thrilled to hear that so I asked her what else she knew about Islam. She didn’t know too much and since English is not her first language (Zulu is her first language), I gave her one of my older son’s books about the basics of Islam, which she sat up until 11pm to read that very night. Last Thursday night, she took her shahaadah! Alhumdullilah. She is now attending evening lessons at the madressah near my home to learn more about Islam.

Never did I ever imagine that a baby cot mobile would play a role in someone taking the shahaadah! Shukran for creating such a wonderful product!

Durban, South Africa