A Beautiful Hajj Story

An unbelievable story from Hajj this year ?

Almost everyone you meet while on Hajj, will ask the same question “من أين انت؟”, or “Where are you from?”. A simple question it was… or so I thought.

I asked the question to an elderly man resting on a chair in Mina and within five minutes we were both in tears.

He was a former Imam of a Masjid in Aleppo, Syria and had five sons, aged between 20-40. All were graduates of Islamic studies and were married, some with children.

I asked him how it was living in Aleppo, to which I saw his eyes swell up. He sat there clearly emotionally distraught, as he explained to me how in one day, one regime air strike took out his entire family home, including his beloved wife, his sons and all their spouses, totalling 17 people.

The Masjid he once lead prayers at in Al-Kalaseh had also been destroyed by a similar air strike.

He sat with tears in his eyes saying it was a calamity that truly taught him the meaning of the words “To Allah we belong and to Him we shall return”.

He went on to then show me his body covered in bullet wounds from snipers, including one that tore through his arm that restricts the movement of his index finger.

He then said something incredible that left me completely stunned, he said “Allah has taken away my family, my wife, my children, my home, my wealth and left me all alone. Yet I do not complain”.

“All I ask is for one thing, and that is that He allows my index finger to move again, so that I may lift it in Shahadah when I pray.”

By Allah, this is a man of Allah. He didn’t ask for money, for help or even for me to spread his story. He in fact ran off to complete his Hajj rites before I could ask for a photo. This is despite the fact he had no hotel while at Makkah.

These are the people you do not come across except in history books. May Allah bless him and grant him along with his family the gardens of Paradise, the abode of eternal happiness – void of all grief. Ameen.

(Submitted by anon)